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  • I am trying to store a number in the Number20 fields of the Assignment and the Task object.  Basically, I want to store the values in the Assignment field and sum them up to the Task field when changed.  I am having trouble understanding how to view the value in MS Project though.  On the Task Usage view it says my Number20 for my assignment is 0, but on the Resource Usage view, it says it is 25.  When I make a change on the Task Usage view to Number20 next to my Resource Assignment, the BeforeAssignmentChange2 event says the Field changed is 255869007? On the Resource Usage view, the Field is the pjAssignmentNumber20.  So the Number20 field next to the Task Usage assignment is not the same as the Number20 on the Resource Usage next to the corresponding Task? 

    Is there anyway to show the same Number20 field on the Task Usage view and the Resource Usage view and avoid the 255869007 field altogether?  I am willing to use another user defined field if one exists that works in both views and can store a double.



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