Why can't the view state(Desk Top or Start Screen) of Win8 be saved on shut down

    General discussion

  • When Windows 8 starts up it shows the new Start Screen with its many tiles. Now consider that I switch to the Classic Desktop where I have a Task Bar filled with my usual set of applications and the Desk Top Screen has my usual set of shortcuts.  This is where I do most of my activity when on the Workstation?  So why can't there be a shutdown from this view which saves the state indicating that the computer is in the Desk top view so that when Windows 8 starts up again, it immediately shows that view. Vice Versa, if the computer is shut down in the new Start Screen View then the Start Screen view is the view that is displayed upon start up.

    By providing this, it permits users who normally work in the Desk Top view to always return it when booting and those that use the Start Screen to return to it.  There is already a mechanism in place to switch between views so now all that is needed is to have a save view state condition property.

    Also, in the Desk Top view, the Start Menu should be restored with the current set of Windows 7 items and augmented with the new set of Win 8 items, one of which permits switching back to the Start Screen or a 'Back To Start Screen' button permanently added to the Task Bar for one-click switching.



    Saturday, September 17, 2011 6:28 PM