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  • You can dis-regard bugs/feedback for products you don't care about, also tell what you would like to happen, other bugs, or anything else you can think of for what can improve my list of stuff here, my list of stuff comes from the few days that I have used the Windows Developer Preview & seen how in-complete or just done in a terrible way that it is, I have never felt so bad about an operating system before this one.

    If you have any other ideas or bugs to report please don't hesitate to add to the discussion, even if you just have a comment you want to add.

    Some things on the list hardly matter, if they matter at all really, but I listed all the ideas that would be good to see happen even if it only moves things forward in a small way.


    Bing Bar Ideas

    1. Make Bing Bar actually work in IE10. (Currently IE10 warns that it isn't compatible but allows the option to run it anyways, the rewards counter however didn't start counting & eventually the bar wouldn't come up again even if you chose to run it anyways the next time.)
    2. Make Bing Bar run & work in 64-bit mode in IE10 & work with other browsers running in 64-bit.

    General Bugs

    1. After installing Silverlight in the developer preview nothing shows up where the Silverlight should be unless I switch internet explorer to render using software instead of GPU. (The site this bug is currently happening is http://www.xbox.com/en-US/ where the automatically scrolling featured list is, where some things have a video to watch & a learn more button.)
    2. Everything I click for help on it just says it couldn't find the topic you are looking for whether I choose online help or offline help.
    3. Websites keep displaying that only secure content is displayed yet the website doesn't have a https:// & is using http:// so it doesn't make sense why everything isn't displayed if everything is apparently in-secure already. (I was browsing Facebook, specifically http://www.faceboook.com/barmanarkhamcity)
    4. When you set up alarms through the metro application you don't appear to be able to delete the alarms after you set them up in case you no longer need them. (I don't have a touchscreen so maybe touching what you want to delete & the trash can I see from the right click menu would work but I can't have the mouse in 2 places at once to do this with keyboard & mouse, also no keyboard buttons or anything I pressed seemed to make the action happen either no matter what combinations of things I tried to get rid of it.)
    5. Make the piano application work. (It kept closing on me at first, now it seems to bring the dots across the screen forever as if it's loading & nothing seems to works in it.  I use a keyboard & Mouse.)
    6. The weather application seems to be losing my city after a while showing instead Anaheim's weather forecast instead of my own. (The application doesn't seem to be able to find my location, even though when I click the Near Me application it can map my approximate location, namely the city i'm in, not an actual address.  I am using a desktop PC.)

    http://www.xbox.com/en-US/ Bugs

    1. When playing a video on this page using the Silverlight part of the page the time is cut off partially where it shows Current Time/Total Time on the videos controls/display.

    Silverlight Ideas

    1. Make Silverlight run natively in 64-bit mode in IE10.

    Windows 8 Ideas

    1. Allow login to any Windows Live ID from the login screen. (Currently you must make a user account associated with the ID but it would be nice for single sign-in on Windows 8 where everything will sync to & from the PC but everything isn't stored & the ID & such isn't stored in any way for future sign in.)
    2. Make it so you can view the map of devices on your network. (The network map was wrong in Windows 7 but a more advanced/more accurate network map would be welcome.)
    3. Make it so you can get the normal start menu so you can find stuff quicker, currently it's  mouse-over the bottom left of my screen, click search, start typing, then click the section where I want to bring the search results up for, such as apps for example, then click on the application I wanted to start. (Before I could just click or press the windows key, start typing, results are there & I'm able to click the application I wanted to start.)
    4. Make it so you can easily close metro applications, even if it's only by adding options/menus for doing so in the actual application because I don't want to have such a long time swiping through at the left of the screen for what I want.
    5. Make it so Windows + Tab comes back to how it was before because Alt + Tab is the only good way to switch between applications now & sometimes the preview is too small to know if it's the correct window you wanted, especially when running multiple off the same application, such as notepad. (For example if you're looking for your story even though the story & another document hasn't been saved yet.)
    6. Make it so the Zero Gravity game doesn't just go to a black screen after you complete level 24 by either adding more levels or making it tell you when you've actually completed the game.
    7. Make it so in the Zero Gravity game you can actually get to the main menu to start a new game or you just want to quit playing.
    8. Bring in some basic Music to windows, so we have something to listen to even if we're waiting on our own music to download or don't have access to it. (This could be useful in testing things such as Windows Media Player on this new version of windows to test for any bugs or see if previous bugs had been fixed.)
    9. Bring in some basic Videos to windows, so we have something to watch even if we're waiting for some videos to download or don't have access to something to watch. (This could be useful in testing things such as Windows Media Player on this new version of windows to test for any bugs or see if previous bugs had been fixed.)
    10. It would be useful if you could make iso's of a disk as a backup natively, I already thought this was going to be done or maybe it's going to be but the option is missing or in-complete. (It would be useful for backing up games or music cd's.  Also it would be nice if games that use some kind of protection to check for the disk in the drive for example could be emulated properly when backing up the disk so you can use it without the disk in the drive.  As for game backup & disk emulation I am talking about it could be made so you have to put in the disk every week, every month, or every so often to confirm you still have the disk, but this would be a hindrance as my main issue & concern would be the disk would stop working as they are old & scratched even though I took good care of them, I want to still be able to play the games.)
    11. It would be nice if there was an option to give feedback on every window/program so that windows can know what they should be doing in the next version of windows or bugs to fix in the current versions of windows or their programs. (All feedback can be sent to the correct team for analysis for bug reports or suggestions, if it's a windows thing, it can be sent directly to the windows team, all feedback & bug reports should be allowed to be sent forever & be reviewed.  As for custom programs & sending feedback & bug suggestions to specific teams, programs can register e-mail addresses for feedback & suggestions through a Windows API, or another method, this will make it so the options for bug reports or feedback/suggestions only become available where there is a specified appropriate place for such content to be sent to for review.)
    12. Bring in some basic User Tiles to windows, so we can have something to look at even if we can't currently find or get to the picture we want to use as the user tile.
    13. Make it so you can use multi-form authentication as a requirement so that you must supply both pin & password or the picture code & password or where you can require the picture code, pin & password all at once before your login is authenticated. (The ability to require certain methods & then any other authentication method, any method at all, or any combination of 2 authentication methods, or requiring every authentication method at once would be a nice improvement over putting in any of the authentication methods only.  This is why, because if your pin can only be 4 characters in length & you create a pin, then basically you are creating a security risk, even if delayed login is enabled for the authentication methods, where you must wait before guesses, it's still inherently in-secure because then the password can still likely be guessed much faster.)
    14. Make it so when you go to install windows then any needed drivers that don't come with windows, which currently includes my network card, then it will download & save the needed driver for windows so it can install it for you automatically as part of the windows installation process. (It can make it a lot easier & a lot less annoying if this were implemented, because things would just work upon upgrade instead of having to go online using another network card plugged in or using a wireless card temporarily just to make the network card you actually want to use work, also finding the disk for it can be annoying too at times, or depending on the drivers or installation methods the disk provides the installation media given may not support installation on the system of which you are installing.)
    15. Make it so you can choose files that you want to keep & where to place them using a file tree of what the file system should look like after the restore process is completed. (This can make it a lot easier on advanced users so that everything will be where they expect it to be after a restore or upgrade to the operating system.)
    16. Make it so you can choose to clean up system files in disk cleanup before it starts searching or while it's doing its search & it switch seamlessly to search the same drive but searching for system files to clean on that drive instead. (It's annoying having to wait for it to finish cleaning or remembering every time to run as administrator, which is the equivalent of what clicking the button in the program essentially does.)
    17. Make it so you can read .pdf files natively or that the program comes pre-installed to read them, lots of people need to read this file type.
    18. Make a metro application for retrieving & viewing your e-mail for Hotmail or other e-mail providers.
    19. Make the metro application shop available for usage & testing purposes.
    20. Bring in some basic Recorded TV for testing in windows, also would be something to watch when there isn't access to anything else or waiting for something to download or record.
    21. Make it so the Math Input Panel can actually solve math problems you put into it.
    22. Make it possible to get a live preview of minimized windows on the desktop.
    23. Make more levels in labyrinth, I think it's an awesome game & it's just a shame it's so short, such vibrant colors & design from this game while moving around just makes it an awesome experience.
    24. Make it so you can manually set a location, city/state/address or whatever for applications to use, such as weather, etc... so they can get everything for you automatically, it's a desktop so it'll hardly ever move & the few times it might, the information should then be changed yourself, this is all of course that nothing is available to detect current location already anyways besides information you can give it.
    25. (Might be considered a bug.) Make it so once you quit an application the start menu is shown right away, right now the green background is shown but you have to click that to make the desktop actually come up. (I made a test application in testing this, but also piano at first was constantly quitting on me.)
    26. Make Word Hunt achievements post to Xbox live as an equivalent to an arcade game, achievements are already there, just need achievements to post as an equivalent to an arcade game, and to come up with decent Gamerscore values that the achievements are worth. (It would work if they logged in to windows using a windows live id so it can then post through achievements.)

    Windows Live Messenger Ideas

    1. Make it run in native 64-bit mode, it's starting to become one of the few I use that don't run natively in 64-bit.



    ---If there's any better place for any or all feedback please let me know, connect.microsoft.com however doesn't seem to have feedback for this stuff & seems to have a tool for Windows Developer Preview feedback but only available to certain people, who I guess were either at some conference or maybe MSDN subscribers or some such, not sure, but the point is, I can't find it or else at least some of this feedback & bugs would be posted through it.

    Friday, September 30, 2011 7:59 PM