What to do about incorrect bing and google map locations based on physical address RRS feed

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  • I have a property for sale on  The bing map and the google map that are being used to show potential buyers how to get there are both taking them to a location that is at least two miles away from the actual location.  Is there any way to get this corrected?
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  • The issue you are seeing has to do with how the data in your area. Chances are there is limited data and as such the location of addresses are extrapolated based on known points along the road. For instance., say one end of the street is house number 1 and the house at the other end is house number 100. Extrapolation would say that house 50 is equally spaced between them. There's two ways to get this corrected. This first is to contact and have them manually edit the coordinate they are using for your house. This will then have your location showing up properly on their site. To get your correct location added tot he map you can submit a data issue to the map provider. For Bing Maps this is NAVTEQ and you can report your issue here:
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