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  • Hi All,

    I have a requirement to create Two Form. Please see below

    1) Request  Form: This form contains few fields and one repeating table. I have published this form as a Document library type. User will open this form and Submit.
    2) Approval Form: When this form open by user few fields data has to copied form first form and also the repeating table data. This form also I have published as a document library type.

    To get the data in Approval form  i have created a "Receive Data Connection" which will get all the required values of Request Form and with the Help of Rules i can set the data to respective fields. Every thing is working fine for fields and when the term comes for getting data of Repeating table it is merging all the rows of data in to one row.

    Can any one help me to display the repeating table data in rows form.

    Request form:

    Date  : 06/06/2011
    Name  : Xyz
    Description  : Desc

    ItemName       Qty          Price
    A                     10          100
    B                      2           500

    User Submit this form
    Approval Form Opens

    Date        : 06/06/2011
    Name      : Xyz
    Address   :

    ItemName     Qty             Price
    A B               10 2           100 500

    Thanks in Advance



    Monday, June 6, 2011 11:31 AM

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  • Hi again Mohammed,

    For this requirement you actually should not be making two separate forms.  You should make 1 form with multiple views - In your case 1 view for Requestor, and another view for Approver.  Is this a browser-enabled form or a Filler form?

    Monday, June 6, 2011 12:42 PM
  • Hi Again Melli,

    Yes, i have created One form with two different views. My actual requirement as follows below

    I have to create one form which contains 4-5 checkboxes offcourse other fields also and depend on the selection of number of checkboxes i have to create that may forms and the created forms has to sit in different library. I have single Form with multi view and success in creating and submitting to different library.

    E.g.: say Requestor for submits to Source library and Approver forms submits to Destination Library

    • On submitting the library iam setting the view values. So depent on the value, the form will open respective view.
    • I have create one secondary data connection with the help of that on form load iam able to get few fields data to the second view as per requirement with the help of rules. Even iam able to get the repeating table values but data is merged and getting displayed in single row . Can you please suggest me how can i resolve this problem and display data in rows.
    • The reason for creating secondary data connection is, when the firse view is modified with any of value then second view should get reflected.

    I have published this form as a Document Library Type and this will gets open in client but not in browser.

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011 9:34 AM
  • Hi Mohammed,

    Well, the issue there is you really shouldn't be sending it to separate form libraries either - may I ask why you are doing that?  You should keep the form in the same library all the way through the stages of the form.  How you handle who sees what is making different library views.  For instance for a basic form library I would have views such as the following:

    My Forms - this would be any forms the user created
    Waiting on me - this view shows forms that are waiting on that particular user; this could be an approver, or someone who needs to add input, etc. 
    My Approvals - approvers tend to want to see past forms they have approved, so this view is for forms that have been approved by that user
    Completed - forms that are fully approved and all actions have completed

    To do the waiting on me, you can add a person column to your form library and update the value via workflow.  For the waiting on me view filter it where waiting on me = [Me]

    The way you're currently doing it is not efficient and you will run into problems

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011 12:34 PM
  • Hi Melli,

    Thanks and I appritiate your suggestion, but its a client requirement here is they want to maintain two different form libraries.

    1) Request Form
    2) Approval Form

    Here in between this two libraries i have created a list (i.e TestList). When the request form submitted by user few of the columns data has been saving to list using SharePoint Designer Workflow.

    When the Form loads with second view at that time the data picks from the sharepoint list to the respective fields depend on the condition(by comparing the ID data gets loaded). Even the Repeating Table data also ges saved into sp list but in a merged format and when i am trying to load data form sp list it is gettng copied in merge format in a single row.

    Can you help me on above problem.

    Melli few more questions:

    1) How many file attachment control i can place/add in Infopath form?
    2) what should the size limit of file attachment to form?
    3) Can i configure the doucment library to file attachment control? so that a user can upload a document Separately in that document library. When they start filling the form and clicks on file attachment control it should open directly that library and upon selecting the document/item the path should be added.
     --> Can this be possible through OOB? If yes please le me know steps
     --> can it be possible using VB Script? If yes any sample

    Thanks in Advance

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011 6:46 AM
  • Hi Mohammed,

    Since that is their requirement here's my suggestion.  Instead of pulling in the information via SharePoint list secondary datasource have each submit save the form to both libraries with the updated data.  You will need to use the same form name to keep consistency.  And requestors need contribute access to the approval library.  You can hide the approval library from the requestors if you want if you have MOSS - which version of SharePoint are you running?

    1)  For the file attachments - here's what I do.  I have one file attachment in my datasource and I make it repeating.  That way they can add multiple attachments without having a bunch of unused file attachment controls on the form which looks messy and restricts the user to only attach however many controls you place on the form.

    2)  As for size, see this here on how to adjust the file attachment size limit:  http://www.imason.com/imason_Blogs/b/ideas/archive/2008/10/24/changing-the-infopath-2007-file-attachment-control-size-limit-in-sharepoint-2007.aspx

    3)  For the file link I don't think that's possible OOB.  You probably could accomplish it via code, but I've never had that requirement and do not have any examples.

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011 1:32 PM
  • Hi Melli,


    Thanks for your valuable solutions Regarding Form and File attachment. Still i have two more questions


    1) I heard that more number of attachments to form may increase the load on form and due to which the efficiency of the form will slow down. So can you tell me

                    --> How many attachments or max size of file can be attached to the form. so that it should not create any problem neither in saving, nor in opening/loading form


    2) As I have asked you in my different post that, I have a text box and a repeating control when ever user enters any data in that textbox and upon clicking button that data has to get entered into repeating table. Next time if he opens the same form and enters text again in that textbox then again on button click it has to get saved.


    Note: repeating table should be read-only.


    Please give me suggestions on both.


    Thanks in Advance


    Friday, June 10, 2011 6:09 AM