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  • I am using the labels feautre of Word. My paper page has 10 adesive labels, and in my Excel I have only 4 rows with information. In the navigation menú of Word, if I go to the last record I go to the 4th label, so Word knows how many labels I have to créate. However, when I print the labels, how this labels has an image prints the image in all the labels.

    So I would like to know if there are any field or any way to know if a label has information and then Word print it or not.

    I can check the information of a field in the Excel, but sometimes this field can be empty, so I would like to set a default text such as "my field has not data", and in case that the label has not to be printed not to set this default text.

    So my question is how to know if I have data for a label or not, how Words knows that I have data for 4 labels and not for the 10 labels of the page.

    Thank so much.

    Saturday, November 1, 2014 9:23 AM


  • As long as the user merges all the selected records (i.e. the ones selected in the MailMerge Recipients list), you can test the value of the { MERGEREC } field. e.g.

    { IF { MERGEREC } <> "" "Insert your text. inline images and fields" }

    (As usual, all the {  } need to be the special field brace pairs that you can insert using ctrl-F9 on Windows Word). 
    However, if the user selects a range of records using the From: and To: boxes in the Merge dialog box (e.g. in Merge to New document), Word will continue inserting data from records after the "To:" record, so I am not sure what you can do in that case.

    Peter Jamieson

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