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    I installed App Init on my Win 7/IIS 7.5. I got the sample application provided by the official IIS 8 App Init site to work. However, this sample application uses static content in combination with ASPX based warmup. The application I am working on is purely WCF consisting of a whole bunch of WCF services. As I got the demo app up and running in the same app pool I think the app pool config (applicationHost.config) is correct.

    What I want is to invoke one of my WCF services and make it execute the required warmup logic. As far as I earned from other posts it must be the .SVC file that I have to specify as my warmup URL. Hence my web.config looks like this:

        <applicationInitialization skipManagedModules="true" >
          <add initializationPage="/ApplicationWarmup/ApplicationWarmupService.svc" />

    I think the URL is generally recornized as valid as when I change it to something that does not exist I get an error issued by IIS in my windows event log. But when I put the URL like shown above simply nothing happens (no warmup gets executed). I added trace code to the constructor if the service code behind class as well as to all of its method but nothing gets ever logged.

    I am also wondering where exactly to put my warmup logic. As the URL is pointing to the .SVC file I am not sure what method gets called by App Init. Or is there a way of extending the URL nominating a method to be called?

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014 7:38 AM

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