Publishing a store app without using the store? (Cost and details)


  • Hi,

    I'm creating a win 8.1 WinRT app using the JavaScript/html5 store libraries. 

    I need to install my app in 8 win 8.1 tablets. I tested installation on a tablet by using the store->create App with the store-> but without publishing it to the store. It generated an AppPackage that I used to install the app on my tablet running the Add-AppDevPackage PowerShell script.

    I know that I need to purchase a developer license. I read also about side-loading. There is A LOT of documentation for it.

    My question is this. In order to install my app in 8 tablets what will be my costs besides the developer license? Is there another way to create a appPackage without using the store, can I do it without sideloading or use only some aspects of it? 

    My company needs to know the cost of my project and I can't find a definite answer yet. Since I'm starting to develop it and didn't go through the deployment stages yet.

    Thanks for your help.

    Friday, May 30, 2014 4:48 PM


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