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    Hi, i work for a retail company, we are starting to make some internal software in. NET and of course using WCF to 'connect' applications, we have still a very long way to a SOA architecture but i am doing some deep researching on the path to SOA.


    One thing i dont see a good solution is in how to implement some service registry, for human and software access, at this point of my research im not looking for a ESB or some robust and powerfull (and complex) middleware for services architecture, currently i want to publish services with associated documents for human acess and of course for client access, my initial requirement would be given a contract (Interface) determine a service endpoint based on parameters such as network response, debug/production, service quality, transaction support, etc. with this i start looking and of course first go to see UDDI, i use for research Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and both gives me UDDI as a component of the OS, so i was happy to there, but i start read some microsoft documentation i began to doubt, the docs are poor for msdn standar, refers some requirements in terms of Netscape navigator... supports API v2.0 of UDDI and frm 2005 there is v3....   plus trying to use the UDDI wasnt very easy for an IT manager people, i have some gap between WCF services and the UDDI model, not easy to close... doing some more research i find some WCF people saying "WS-Discovery == UDDI" well i did my research and honestly dont find a the means of that expression, i see this things as complementary, find a very good ppt about WS-D and UDDI at: here


    Well... as (a newby) software architect i could think use some combination of these technologies, something like a UDDI server of course wich is discoverable by WS-Discovery or things like this, but i see a LOT of work here and not too much benefits, maybe its just an instinct thing but i dont like the idea, i understand UDDI can work in my intranet but seems lot of extra work defining the services here, the categories, the tModels, etc. and the human readable docs arent very supported, originally i think a SharePoint server with all the info linked and no maintenance, just the developer "publishing" they service...


    Any way somebody has reach such problem and got any alternative solution for service registry (Microsoft .NET based)?


    Other SOA software providers have nice components for service registry, with support for UDDI 3 and a lot of nice features, Is my feeling or Microsoft is still some steps behind in Enterprise SOA ?


    Thanks for reading!

    E. Ferreyra


    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 5:45 PM


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  •  Enrique Ferreyra wrote:

     Is my feeling or Microsoft is still some steps behind in Enterprise SOA ?



    You are quoting the same problem I posted earlier on MS still lags behind other vendors on SOA...  Here is my post regarding this that you may enjoy reading... http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3594922&SiteID=1

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:05 PM
  • Yes, im feeling in the sense of the discussion, i like very much WCF, but looking for enterprise SOA i dont see where to go with ms.... only i start my own "ESB" with initially working as a service repository and catalog...


    I think i was seen the problem from one aspect, but the problem seems big than i think...


    Thanks for the link...


    Friday, July 25, 2008 3:08 PM
  • Any way somebody has reach such problem and got any alternative solution for service registry (Microsoft .NET based)?


    i am currently having the same questions you have mentioned.

    I would like to reuse some ws-policies between different services. Based on a contract-first approach, the WSDL should be generated manually, in order the same policy (used for several different services) can be shared between different WSDL, to achieve an unique point of policy definition instead the same policy definition for each service which uses the policy.

    I read at the WS-PolicyAttachment specification, that the policies could be shared via an UDDI repository by referring remote policy expressions.

    Unfortunately i don´t find any useful information can either help or motivate me to get into UDDI.

    My guess is that, perhaps this kind of functionality could be  handled via some MS SOA governace partners.

    Any idea about how is the combination of WCF-WS-Policy(Attachment)-UDDI currently supported?

    Many thanks,


    Sunday, September 14, 2008 10:21 PM
  • Managed Service Engine or config-svc provide some light weight alternatives. While a lot of vendors provide UDDI services and there was a big burst on UDDI 4-5 years ago very few shops who are doing SOA use UDDI ( though the consulting side is quite profitable) .  config-svc also provides a UDDI hookin also note there is UDDI vs 3.0 released for windows 2008 from MS. .



    Im more interested in WS-Discovery ourput from a directory however.


    Also i couldnt let this go "Based on a contract-first approach, the WSDL should be generated manually" . Contract first = good but why on earth would you waste your valuable neurons learning WSDL, its far easier , quicker and more maintanable to write  a service contract and generate the wsdl or use a tool like the P&P service guidance.  


    Friday, January 9, 2009 11:45 AM