Question about copyright of images in an app


  • Hi

    I am developing a universal app. For the app i need a couple of hundred photographs. It would take quite a while for me to take the photographs manually. I want to avoid this method.

    Anyway, i went to flickr and was able to find lots of photos that could be of use to me.

    I need help getting through this next stage

    I want to use the images, specifically ones that are marked as "Attribution" license photos. Attribution only licenses.

    I interpret this as: You can go ahead and use our images, make money on them by putting them in your app if you want, change them if you long as you give credit to the person who took the photo.

    I'm guessing this means, i put the user name of the flickr user, in the app, and say photo taken by "John Smith" on flickr. Perhaps a hyperlink to the source image.

    Question: Is this correct?

    Am i allowed to use this type of licensed image within an app, provided i acknowledge the person who took the photo?

    Can i charge money for my app in the windows store, say £1.99 even if the app is packed with these type of images from flickr?

    Question: Am i exposing myself here? Am i open to someone coming along and suing me?

    Any guidance would be great.



    Thursday, July 30, 2015 1:44 PM

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