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  • I am building a windows application and wishes to give the users possibilites to save to a pdf. Crystal reports isnt dynamic enough so I am using Microsoft Reporting instead, but I still got a few problems.;



    The report is very big so I changed the code so instead of one big report I now got a report with a number of subreports - when having just one big report I had no problems exporting to excel but after building it with subreports I just get a "export error". Why and what to do?



    Another problem I have is, that my report includes charts - and when I export to pdf the file gets very big, about 5.5MB extra for each chart. My guess is that the chart is rendered as a .bmp-file before it gets includes in the pdf - but when I sometimes need 9 chart or more the pdf-file is useless. Any idea about what I can do here?


    Both report and subreports is build runtime - no .rdlc files is used.

    Friday, November 2, 2007 11:26 AM