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  • Good evening, a little back ground. Started out with Servers but in a closed environment that was not internet hosting. Then went on to do work with clients that had their own dedicated servers most using plesk as the control panel. We are now looking at other clients that need smaller solutions so we are going to start hosting for them with a VPS plan on a windows 2008 server.  We will have SQL 2008 web, and be using smartermail the one with 250 mail boxes. Now my understanding is that I will also be setting up the DNS on this VPS so it will handle everything with these 2 IPs, and setup namedservers also  ie NS1.xxx.com = ip xxx.xxx.xxx.102 and NS2.xxx.com might be ip xxx.xxx.xxx.102  .  And then see where our growth goes from there.

    I have been reading the installtion guide and the post here at this forum. So here goes to see if I am on the right track.

    First the manual says that if we plan on having a mail services we should have 2 IPs.  I see where the manual says I should have 2, but need to read it again because not sure how to set the 2 up besides the namedservers.  So when it is set up do I point my sql and mail to one and my websites to the other? 

    Is one VPS account that does everything going to be too much and cause problems with site response times?

    In a thread I read where a person had separate servers for SQL, Mail, and Sites.  Now the solution to make them all talk was to set-up a virtual server and then point the services out to the different servers.  Now basically I will have 1 VPS with 2 IPs.  When the company grows, then I might bring in another VPS and send let say move the SQL server over that way on its own dedicated server. So to me in my limited experience, it would seem that the best inital configuration would be setup the virtual server from the start and point it to itself and then just change the pointers when we expand. Or am I missing something here? 

    Which leads to another question, when I get a second VPS do I need to do a whole installation on that or just one module from the webstie panel and leave the main UI on the first VPS?

    We are going to be moving forward with this in the next couple days, I am thinking of setting up a VM on my local machine, loading windows 2008 and trying to load websitepanel just to get a feel.  Wouyld rather blow away a local VM than a hosted one because of a mistake I made.

    I am probably in the wrong section to ask these questions.  And putting everything on one VPS seems that it might cause problems, but for a start up like ours I am hoping that it won't be too bad and we can expand and separate before it blows up.

    Sunday, September 5, 2010 3:12 AM