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  • Hi All,

    Anybody have experience/idea working on or creating database versioning tool or integrating the feature of versioning in the database entities. There is a requirement to enhance an existing WPF composite application to include versioning feature for the database that has following

    •Change tracking: all data entities should be tracked so that it should be possible for the state of the database to be
    reconstructed at specific (tag points) in time.

    •Releases: It should be possible to mark the state of the database a specific points in time to enable
    (tagged) releases. It should be possible to give these tagged releases relevant names.

    •Hierarchy: It should be possible to create tagged releases at any
    point in the data entitity hierarchy.

    •Documentation: When a data entity is
    changed and saved back into the database, a change note should be provided. This
    must be tagged with the data/time of the save and the username of the person
    saving it.

    •Release Notes: It should be possible to construct a list of all
    changes made to the database between any two tagged releases.

    It should be possible to show differences between any two tagged

    •#Branching: It should be possible to branch
    development of the database at any level of the hierarchy.

    •Automation: #Changing one data entity may cause other
    data entities which reference it, or rely on it, to change. These changes must
    be tracked automatically through the database and #versioned

    •Instances: The addition of instances of data entities to
    entity databases should be considered part of the version control

    •Efficiency: The #version control system should be efficient both in time taken and memory usage.

    Any idea would be helpful. Thanks a lot for reply in advance.

    Happy Coding & Regards, Ashish

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