Metro Apps and Windows 8 the way forward ?

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  • Now I know this is slightly off topic for these forums, but I want the devs to have a little read. This is mainly because at the end of the day this is going to be the next Windows OS.

    Is this really the way Microsoft want to go with Windows ?  I think the release version of Windows 8 will be a razzle dazzle affair for the company, but for the user of this OS I'm not so sure. It's all well and good the team at MS saying "it's all about touchscreen tech" but in the real world, and with the way the consumer is spending at the moment the likely hood of touch screen laptops and pc's being in a lot of homes is just not so real. People are not rushing to buy new touchscreen tech, hell people are just able to afford to go out and buy food at the moment. Maybe in a year or so things will be better, or worse even who know's!

    So what does this have to do with the new Windows OS and Metro apps, i hear you cry.

    Well it's simple, the Metro apps are based on people having touchscreen tech in their homes by realease of Windows 8. It's not looking great, and i think many wont have touchscreen tech like they do at MS HQ.  I'm not slating the OS or what it will become by realease, for all i know it may be wonderful and glittery with users bowing and dancing round copies of it, but I like many others wonder about the point of the Metro apps and the start screen and general look of the new OS. If i want the weather app to take up the whole screen of my device I will do it on my windows phone or iphone or ipad or other generic tablet and smart device. And will this suck the life out of a system to use or will it reduce the workload?

    Its a good idea in theory but will it be in practice ?

    The Windows family of OS have always been good (with the exception of Vista imo) please lets keep them that way Microsoft :)

    Sorry if it seems that I am being negative.. I'm not.... but as a consumer and customer I'm unsure of this new OS... feel free to comment :)

    Thanks :)

    Monday, February 20, 2012 12:59 PM