Can't connect to self contained WCF from Windows Mobile RRS feed

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  • Hi everybody. I have a problem with which I'm desperate with. It's been days and days of trying and countless lost hours. No luck yet. I created a self contained WCF on the Desktop. It's a console application. I created a WCF Desktop client. It successfully connects to the server. However, when I port that client to Windows mobile using netcfsvcutil.exe from Microsoft 3.5 CF Power Toys, it doesn't work any more. The device keeps saying that there may be a SOAP error or no end point listening at http://echysttas:8000/myService.

    Now, what I can assure you is that the endpoint IS listening, since I successfully connected to it from another computer. I also have enabled WiFi on the device and can access websites from it for example. I can also access shared folders on my computer from it. But not that service.

    VERY IMPORTANT: WHAT I ACTUALLY WANT is NOT to have to have WiFi enabled on the device to do this. I want to be able to access the WCF service by SIMPLY CRADLING THE DEVICE.

    What I actually want to do is to transfer some files on the device. I looked into the Sync Framework and posted something on the Microsoft Sync Framework Forum but got no answer for more than a week, so I don’t know if that would work out (if the Sync Framework allows transfer of files PC <-> PDA with simply cradling the PDA???).

    This is my ultimate goal.
    Friday, March 27, 2009 10:11 AM