Does Application Insights work on premises?


  • We have seen a couple of variants of the question:

    “Does Application Insights work on premises?”

    For on premises hosted applications Application Insights definitely does work.  For example all of the Application Insight Channel9 videos (except for: Setting up Application Insights for monitoring an Azure Cloud Services) were shot with on premises applications. 

    Sometimes people intend this question to mean:

    “Does Application Insights work with on premises Team Foundation Servers?”

    Companies can adopt Visual Studio Online services on their own terms while still keeping other ALM activities with TFS on-premises. The Application Insights visualization i.e. reports, alerts, dashboards etc. are all cloud based; but like Cloud based load testing Application Insights can work hand and hand with your on premises Team Foundation Servers.  For example during the launch the application demoed was built on one Team Foundation instance but Application Insights that was doing the monitoring was on a separate Team Foundation Service instance.

    All the Application Insights to Visual Studio integration for things like Intellitrace, Memory Events and deployment markers work great in this hybrid configuration.

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013 9:09 PM


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