SSMA unable to connect to Azure DB


  • I am currently in the processes of converting an access 2003 (mdb) database to SQL Azure.  I am using their SQL Server Migration Assistant 2008 for access ((32 bit) since my access is also 32 bit)).


    My issue arrises when I try to connect to the database named: "Test Database".  

    An error occurs stating: " Connection to SQL Azure failed.

    Cannot open database "[test database]" requested by the login.  The login failed.

    Login failed for user '***********'

    This session has been assigned a tracing ID of '******'.  Provide this tracing ID to customer support when you need assistance"


    I am able to connect to the test database from SSMS and query/create tables, but yet SSMA does not seem to connect, UNLESS i choose 'Master' database.  Oddly enough I can connect to the 'master' database and perform the migration setup, but it fails since master is not where these tables are supposed to go.


    If anyone has had these types of issues or has any advice I would love to hear what you did to solve this.  I am in contact with microsoft trying to resolve this question as well.



    I have setup the firewall rules correctly on the management portal and locally for my own router's firewall/computer firewall.

    I can connect fine from SSMS to both 'master' and 'test database' without any issues.

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:14 PM