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    My razor view consists of a displaying and posting back a dictionary.

    The dictionary contains date as key which is label and textboxes which are values. 

    My code is something like this

    // Slots is a dictionary
    @if (Model != null && Model.Slots != null)
         foreach (var row in Model.Slots)
                  <td scope="col">@row.Key</td>
                  <td scope="col" align="center">
                        @Html.TextBoxFor(model => row.Value)

    With the above code, when i inspect element on all of the text boxes, it displays the following for all the textboxes which doesnt seem to be correct.

    <input id="row_Value" name="row.Value">

    Also, when I submit this page, ViewModel's Slot is null.

    So then I replaced 

    @Html.TextBoxFor(model => row.Value)


    <input name="@row.Key" value="@row.Value" /></td>

    When I inspect elements now, I see the following which is encouraging.

    <input name="8/19/2019" value="0">
    <input name="8/20/2019" value="0">
    <input name="8/21/2019" value="0">

    However when I edit the textboxes and submit, ViewModel's Slot is still null.

    Can you please help if I am missing anything doing something wrong?

    Thank you

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 1:38 PM

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