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  • I'm not seeing any loops in your code, but rather multiple Deletes and Inserts.  These Inserts are based upon SELECT statements, meaning that they rely on the data in the underlying table(s).  So if you are getting the wrong number of entries then you need to look at the data in your tables.  Perhaps you need to add a DISTINCT clause.

    Also, as a general comments, it is bad practice to repeatedly be Deleting/Inserting records.  This will lead to database bloating and possible performance issues.  You may wish to review your process to see if this is truly the only way to deal with this.

    When using currentdb.execute you don't need to use DoCmd.SetWarnings...

    Lastly, you should add error handling throughout your code to avoid potential issues.

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    Friday, July 19, 2019 7:09 PM