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  • I have just downloaded Visual Studio 2008 Express and I found the Beginner Developer Learning Center very helpful towards my learning, I have never understood so much about programming in such a short time. 


    What I like the most about the Beginner Developer Learning Center is the three tier learning that takes you through step-by-step in great details about the background of computer and programming, and most important of all, the audio/video visual resources provided for each article really boosted my learning speed.


    After reading through the articles provided by MSDN, I just realised how schools and books have complexified programming into some sort of rocket science. I have spent years trying to learn programming from books and other materials, but none of them actually helped me to improve my understanding on programming because of all the deadly dry content and unexplained technical words that are simply not suitable for my skill level.


    The examples provided in the articles are very easy for me to understand. MSDN Visual Studio 2008 Express Beginner Developer Learning Center summarises all the essential parts about programming and helped me learnt so much, and best of all it - does not cost you a cent to learn from MSDN.


    Overall I would strongly recommand MSDN's Visual Studio 2008 Express Beginner Developer Learning Center to any beginner who is interested in programming.


    However I have found a bug with Tier 1 Lesson 5: Life before Mice:


    The audio clip provided for Lesson 5: Life before Mice is exactly the same as Lesson 4: Computer IQ (below)

    Thursday, January 3, 2008 12:29 AM