Intel XDK Cordova app upload - Invalid package publisher name RRS feed

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  • I'm uploading cordova app packaged with Intel XDK. 

    These are my XDK settings:

    Windows Publisher ID: CN=07B4ABA6-222E-497C-8682-FFDDE6EC547A
    Windows Phone Publisher ID: b7aa5242-3983-4c54-bd87-1b36cacf7a41
    Publisher Display Name: Board Games Online

    When I upload the app I get this error:

    Invalid package family name: 28846BoardGamesOnline.DrawIt-DrawNGuess_7j5drvqg5jq2g (expected: 28846BoardGamesOnline.DrawIt-DrawNGuess_tjga78qnh0kwj)

    Invalid package publisher name: CN=b7aa5242-3983-4c54-bd87-1b36cacf7a41 (expected: CN=07B4ABA6-222E-497C-8682-FFDDE6EC547A)

    Then I changed the publisher name from Board Games Online to CN=07B4ABA6-222E-497C-8682-FFDDE6EC547A  but then I get error that publisher id must be "Board Games Online"

    What to do ? What settings to use ?

    The manifest identity generated by XDK with publisher name Board Games Online is this:

    <Identity Name="28846BoardGamesOnline.DrawIt-DrawNGuess" Publisher="CN=b7aa5242-3983-4c54-bd87-1b36cacf7a41" Version="" ProcessorArchitecture="neutral" />

    Monday, February 29, 2016 12:16 AM