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    I am using these codes to send messages on whatsapp

    Declare  Integer FindWindow In WIN32API String , String
    Declare  Integer SetForegroundWindow In WIN32API Integer
    Declare  Integer  ShowWindow  In WIN32API Integer , Integer
    Declare Integer ShellExecute In shell32.Dll ;
    	INTEGER hndWin, ;
    	STRING cAction, ;
    	STRING cFileName, ;
    	STRING cParams, ;
    	STRING cDir, ;
    	INTEGER nShowWin
    Local lt, lhwnd
    cMessage=[How are you sir?]
    =ShellExecute(0, 'open', cmd,'', '', 1)
    Wait "" Timeout 3
    lt = "Whatsapp"
    lhwnd = FindWindow (0, lt)
    If lhwnd!= 0 					
    	SetForegroundWindow (lhwnd) 
    	ShowWindow (lhwnd, 1)
    	ox = Createobject ( "Wscript.Shell" )
    	ox.sendKeys ( '{ENTER}' )
    	*Messagebox ( "Message Sent" )
    	Messagebox ( "Whatsapp no activada!" )

    The codes work fine, no issue.
    Message are delivered properly.

    But.... only English messages

    When I try to send message in a language other than English suppose Urdu like this

    cMessage=[آپ کیسے ہییں آپ کا آج کا کیا پروگرام ہے؟]

    Then I have to face this error message
    <b>unrecognized command verb</b>

    My question is how to pass unicode characters in this string 


    Please help me to prepare above message to send whatsapp.



    Sunday, November 1, 2020 6:58 AM