How can I add Windows CE device to configuration manager?


  • I am developing an application in eVC++ 4 for Pocket PC 2003. I use "Pocket PC 2003" as Active WCE Configuration, "WCE ARMV4" as Active Configuration and "Pocket CP 2003 device" as default device.

    Now I want to create an application for Windows CE 6.0. I have installed "Windows CE 5.0 Standard Software Development Kit (SDK)" and select STANDARDSDK_500 -> WCE ARMV4 but the only available device is STANDARDSDK_500 emulator. I opened configure platform manager and added device for STANDARDSDK_500. But the only startup server available is "Emulator Startup Server" whereas "Pocket PC 2003" Platform has 3 options in for "Startup Server": 1) Emulator Startup Server 2) Manual Server 3) Microsoft ActiveSync.

    When I select emulator for WCE ARMV4 (Not for emulator) I get this error:

    How can I add device to my platform manager? How can I add other "Startup Servers" like "Microsoft ActiveSync" in that drop down?

    And generally how can I develop my application for Windows CE 6.0?

    Thanks in advance,

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 6:13 AM


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