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  • i'm trying to create an app for my WM6 Standard samsung i200. for hat app, i got several questions
    1. how do i add a custom button to the outlook contacts menu that launches my app WITH a special form open?
    2. how do i connect to a DB (the db must be on the device itself)
    The app (when finished) should be able to do the follwing:
    1. find a contact through the outlook contacts menu
    2. display, add, edit or delete extra data for that contact (computers)
    3. the extra data should contain the following items
    • computername
    • processor (selectable through dropdown list)
    • processor speed (selectable through dropdown list)
    • ram (selectable through dropdown list)
    • videocard (selectable through dropdown list)
    • videocard ram (selectable through dropdown list)
    • add several harddiscs to the computer (must be more then 1, virtually unlimited)
    • list installed software on the computer (addable by seperate list)
    • Problems that the computer had
    • Solutions for those problems
    • Extra hardware (Must be more then 1, virtually unlimited)
    • memobox for extra information not handled in the above list
    • it should be possible to add more then 1 computer to a contact
    i have experience programming, but unfortunatly in Delphi (pascal) i have done vb in the past, but it was only VBA and that was years ago.
    Saturday, March 21, 2009 10:02 PM


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