Azure Web App in App Service Plan blowing through App Insights quota with unwanted custom Performance and Metrics RRS feed

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  • I have a Node Js application running in an Azure web app in Azure service plan. It has Application Insights as an app extension, and App Insights is also set up in the node app for custom trace logging. It also uses a storage account.

    The Application Insights quota is being completely ripped through due to what seems to be auto set up custom Metrics and Performance Counters. I have no idea where these came from. I have no way of seeing exactly what is logging so much. There is a large list of custom metrics that I have not asked for. Half a million data points in one and a half days!

    Looking in Settings and Diagnostics > Quota + pricing configuration > Data point volume shows the Metrics as the Highest at almost half a million, then Performance Counter second, two hundred thousand, followed by just 311 requests and 7 Traces, this web app is barely used yet.

    When I click on Metric or Performance Counter to discover what exactly is logging all this data it opens the search pane with only shows Requests, Trace, exception, Page View, Custom Event and Dependency - no way of telling what metrics or performance are being logged.

    This is the list of custom metrics that seem to have come from nowhere:

    % cpu(0) user
    % cpu(1) user
    % cpu(2) user
    % cpu(3) user
    % Memory Free
    % Memory Used
    % total cpu idle
    % total cpu irq
    % total cpu nice
    % total cpu sys
    % total cpu user
    Azure Diag issues
    Failed Requests per Second
    Last Request Execution Time
    Memory Free
    Memory Total
    Memory Used
    Requests per Second
    Total Failed Requests
    Total Requests

    Please help me to find and turn off this ridiculous over active logging.

    Further info: After zooming on the Data Point Volume chart, it appears that the performance and metrics were being logged hourly on the hour, 8k at a time, ~5.82k metrics and 2.18k Perf, starting around 3pm one day and running through the following day and stopping at 5am this morning. No sign of them logging since 5am this morning. We haven't changed or released anything.

    Friday, July 29, 2016 11:29 AM


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