Style sheet is not showing up at all in navigation template's second page RRS feed

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  •   I'm trying to learn about navigation template. I've successfully added a second page and an app bar. JavaScript on second page works fine but styles for that page is not taking effect at all. In Blend art-board I can see layout defined as my css style rules. But when I run the app either in Visual Studio or Blend, none of them are in effect. There is a basic page with elements in left upper corner. Styles for first page(home page) are working okay. I've checked path name for style sheet and its okay. (Although the navigation template includes new pages  (page2.html, page2.css, page2.js) in one folder. So I think path should not be a problem.

    Also after adding all that styles, the app bar is gone out of sync. When I click on app bar buttons to navigate from one page to second page, the buttons on appbar comes down of that blue bar on top. What am I missing? I'm looking for this since two days.

    Thanks for looking.

    Sunday, April 7, 2013 5:42 AM