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  • Hello all,

    I have a Microsoft Project Add-In that works for all versions of Microsoft Project except for 64-bit Microsoft Project 2010. I am aware that the problem is that our dll files are 32-bit and cannot be loaded into the 64-bit Microsoft Project process. Hence, I am trying to create 64-bit dlls with the same functionality and have been running into some problems that I have not been able to find definitive answers to.

    Obviously, the VB6 IDE cannot compile the code into a 64-bit dll, but other IDE's such as Visual Studio 2005 (which is what we have on hand) which can compile 64-bit dlls cannot load the VB6 code as it requires VB.NET. I was hoping someone could help me with the following questions:

    Is it at all possible to compile my VB6 code into a 64-bit dll?

    Is there any way to create these 64-bit dlls without going through the extensive process of upgrading all of our VB6 code to VB.NET?

    Are there any other solutions available to enable my VB6 32-bit dlls to run in 64-bit Microsoft Project? I have come across this article (http://blog.mattmags.com/2007/06/30/accessing-32-bit-dlls-from-64-bit-code/) several times while researching this issue, but wanted to know if there were any other workarounds or if there was any more information on that topic available?

    This is my first forum post, so if I have posted this to the wrong forum/category or provided inadequate information then please let me know where I could post it to gain more effective answers. Thank you to all in advance!

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