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  • Hi there,

    My confussion stems from the fact I am using 2 different walkthroughs on building mvc applications, namely: Steven Sanderson's pro asp.net mvc and the online mvc music store. The former creates  a domain model, placing the enitiy model in there along with repositories, while the music store demo places the entity model in the mvc model folder. Which of these is the best approach. Should the entity model and associated repositories exist in a seperate domain layer, or in the MVCs model folder.

    I'm a real noob to this so kis please :)



    Sunday, November 14, 2010 12:30 PM

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    Hello there,


    For the web application , the mvc design pattern is good. Here the choice of technology   is important that   is :   mvc or mvvm with siliver light , there are pros and cons.


    For the mvc asp.net pattern


    Case One :


    Sample flow diagram


    GUI ( mvc design pattern) - Business Layer <==> DAL   Layer<==> database.


    In the above flow diagram, please do prime importance to the security issues of the web application development. I added the business layer because if any case if you want to validate the business for your project.


    Case 2:


    GUI(Silver Light with MVVM) <==> Business layer <==> DAL(entity model)<==> database.


    In the case 2 , in the mvvm pattern here the model block is one which is communicating with business layer.  Also ensure the security features for the asp.net should be given more importance. Please do create a proof of concept and then come to conclusion which is better option. Please do spent more time. I have added the business layer for the business rule validation for web software application.



    Note Section:   : Microsoft has given real time examples of MVC design and Silver light with MVVM for asp.net application. Please do understand those examples. Those examples will give better insight how your web application needs to be designed as per customer given by the software client.


    The links are given for the note section



    For Asp.net for MVC Design Pattern


    ASP.NET MVC Framework





    ASP.NET MVC 2 - please do investigate more in the url which is given, the url contains alot of details.


     MVC Framework and Application Structure



    MVVM For ASP.NET WEB Application.


    Model-View-ViewModel In Silverlight 2 Apps


     Hope this regards,


    Phijo Mathew Philip.


    Wednesday, November 24, 2010 6:57 PM