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  • I've just started working on trying to get source server to work in our environment. I've modified our build scripts to add the indexing to the .pdb files, and that seems to work fine. I've gotten to the point where I can copy a dump file, open it up, and the little window will pop up and ask if I want to execute the insecure command, and I do, and the source file downloads and opens up, and it's all great, BUT... this only works if I don't already have a file with that name on my local machine.

    The way our build environment is set up, the builders compile code in c:\src, and developers like me have c:\src on our hard disks. So if a production builder makes a build, the .pdb will be indexed with instructions on how to get to c:\src\libraries\foo.c. When I try to debug that version, if c:\src\libraries\foo.c doesn't exist on my hard disk, everything works perfectly, and a temporary copy of foo.c ends up in a temporary directory, opens up in Visual Studio, presto. But if I do have c:\src\libraries\foo.c on my hard disk, regardless of whether it's the same version as the one I actually need, it just opens up the local one no matter what.

    It seems that I need some way to change the preference order, so it first uses the sourceServer version, and only after that fails loads the one from my hard disk. Some poking around at the documentation suggests that if I were using WinDBG I could do this by executing

    .srcpath srv*;c:\mysource

    But I can't figure out what the equivalent is for Visual Studio.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks!


    Friday, November 8, 2013 10:21 PM


  • Hi Guys,

    Source server currently ships with scripts that should work with the following source-control systems.

    • Team Foundation Server
    • Perforce
    • Visual SourceSafe
    • CVS
    • Subversion

    I am afraid that this forum is not a correct forum for this issue. Since this forum is discuss about Visual Studio Tools for Office development.

    In my opinion, it is an issue regarding TFS or VSS. I suggested you to post this thread to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Forum.

    Have a nice time!


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    Monday, November 11, 2013 5:44 AM