Ethernet connection properties for fixed IPv4 address fails RRS feed

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  • By default the Metro network properties are set to DHCP. Setting them, however, to a fixed IP address fails to open Internet Explorer via Metro interface. Executing iexplore.exe from the command line doesn't connect either. The fixed addr is pingable from another machine so the setup is correct. For our dev environment Win8 MetroUI not being able to connect via fixed IP addresses is a showstopper.
    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 8:41 PM

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  • Baring some setting I have missed, then limiting internet connect in Win8 to DHCP is, as far as I know, an undocumented change in behavior from Win7. If there is documentation and reasoning involved, will someone please point it out, in which case I would like to present my case for maintaining the ability to connect up to fixed IP addresses. Otherwise, I would like to submit it as a bug. At the very very least developers should be able to connect up to fixed IP addresses in the non-Metro environment just like for Win7.


    Well, there is something I missed. Leaving the setup alone overnight, letting it sleep, the fixed IP address is now working. This is good news, but I do not know why the setup needed so much time to ripple through. No need for this posting then except to serve as a precautionary tale for other fixed IP developers who run into the same thing. That is, expecting the fixed IP address to take effect immediately upon closing the IP address settings menu.

    Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:48 PM