Pause/Restart a Power Point show with VB.Net


  • Hi

    I need a way for my console application to pause a running PPS power point show so that it can update files then when this is done restart the slide show.

    I have created a macro in the presentation that will pause for n' seconds then continue on but it's the actual accessing the running show to run that macro that I'm having trouble with.


    My code appears to work but the slide show does not restart and it leaves an instance of the power point object as the front most window which needs to disappear




    Imports Office = Microsoft.Office.Core

    Imports PowerPoint = Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint

    Imports System.Threading

    Module Module1

        Dim oPP As PowerPoint.ApplicationClass

        Dim oPresSet As PowerPoint.Presentations

        Dim oPres As PowerPoint.PresentationClass

        Dim MySlide As PowerPoint.Slide

        Dim myThread As Thread

        Sub Main()

            Dim DelaySecs As Integer = 10

            Console.SetWindowSize(1, 1)

            myThread = New thread(AddressOf TestThread) 'Creates a new thread


            'myThread.IsBackground = True ' Didn't seem to do much

            'MsgBox("Thread started")

        End Sub

        Sub TestThread()

            Dim oPP As Object

            Dim i As Integer

            'Dim OpenPres As String = "C:\PowerpointTest.pps"

            'oPP = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application") 'no need to create if PP is running

            oPP = GetObject(, "PowerPoint.Application")' Seem to communicate with the running PPS show

            oPresSet = oPP.Presentations

            i = oPP.SlideShowWindows.Count

            If i > 0 Then

                oPP.Run("'PowerpointTest.pps'!CallWait") 'Run the macro to Pause the pps Show - this actually appear to work


                oPresSet = Nothing

                'oPP.Quit() 'This quit all Power point processes running 

                oPP = Nothing

            End If


    end sub

    Can anyone point me in the direction as to how I can get rid of the active power point window and have the presentation start running again.  It is causing me no end of trouble as the presentation updates links every time through and if I am saving a file that it links to the VB app fails!

    Many thanks


    Thursday, October 14, 2010 6:32 AM