Where can I send improvement ideas for windows 8 to? RRS feed

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  • I have 2 ideas that I think would be a improvement for Windows and hope they somehow reach the development department of Microsoft.

    1. When copy or move files or folders and you want to copy or move another file or folder you should wait till the first is finished because otherwise if the target or the source drive is busy with a copy or move action already it gets very slow.

    Better would be to put all move and copy commands in a batch and show them in a task window.

    When the from or to drive is the same then finish first the first command to copy or move and when finished the next.

    When the to and from drive are different from the one currently busy copying or moving it can start as well because it does not inter fear with the other action.

    Put a checkbox in front of every action so you can eventually cancel one of the given commands.


    2. The first thing we always have to do first after installation of Windows is moving data and swap files to separate drives or partitions so the data stay's safe in case of a needed format or reinstallation of windows and to keep windows and your data less fragmented by the swap and temp files.

    Windows should just as it asks where to install the operating system also ask where to put the User data and where to put the swap and temp files.

    In case he finds there is already user data on the pointed drive/partition he should offer to use them as data and implement them in the installation or make a new user data side by side of the old one, as windows does with his operating system already.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011 7:45 PM