Error installing filesystem minifilter template: System has no device the driver package can be installed onto RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to get the out of the box filesystem filter sample running and get the following error when the default deployment and install runs.  The pre/prep/post install tasks work without issue.  I figure this can't be a correct error since the VM has a filesystem, but I can't get it to force recognize the driver so I can debug it.  I've been banging my head against it for days driving different things and can't figure it out.  The environment pops up a box saying deployment failed.

    "System has no device the driver package can  be installed onto."


    Visual Studio 2013

    WDK 8.1

    VMware 6.0.1

    Host: Win 8 Enterprise x64

    Target: Win 8 Enterprise x64

    Inf file contents:  (All I did was modify the "_TODO*" sections with what I think are reasonable values)

    Signature   = "$Windows NT$"
    Class = "ActivityMonitor"
    ClassGuid = {b86dff51-a31e-4bac-b3cf-e8cfe75c9fc2}
    Provider    = %ManufacturerName%
    DriverVer   = 
    CatalogFile =
    DefaultDestDir          = 12
    MiniFilter.DriverFiles  = 12            ;%windir%\system32\drivers
    OptionDesc          = %ServiceDescription%
    CopyFiles           = MiniFilter.DriverFiles
    AddService          = %ServiceName%,,MiniFilter.Service
    DelFiles   = MiniFilter.DriverFiles
    DelService = %ServiceName%,0x200      ;Ensure service is stopped before deleting
    DisplayName      = %ServiceName%
    Description      = %ServiceDescription%
    ServiceBinary    = %12%\%DriverName%.sys        ;%windir%\system32\drivers\
    Dependencies     = "FltMgr"
    ServiceType      = 2                            ;SERVICE_FILE_SYSTEM_DRIVER
    StartType        = 3                            ;SERVICE_DEMAND_START
    ErrorControl     = 1                            ;SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL
    LoadOrderGroup = "FSFilter Activity Monitor"
    AddReg           = MiniFilter.AddRegistry
    HKR,,"DebugFlags",0x00010001 ,0x0
    FilesystemDriver.sys = 1,,
    1 = %DiskId1%,,,
    ManufacturerName        = "Template"
    ServiceDescription      = "FilesystemDriver Mini-Filter Driver"
    ServiceName             = "FilesystemDriver"
    DriverName              = "FilesystemDriver"
    DiskId1                 = "FilesystemDriver Device Installation Disk"
    DefaultInstance         = "FilesystemDriver Instance"
    Instance1.Name          = "FilesystemDriver Instance"
    Instance.Altitude       = "360001"
    Instance1.Flags         = 0x0              ; Allow all attachments

    Friday, November 29, 2013 4:15 PM