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    Does Acropolis "Parts" architecture is also intended to work as components on the server side?. We are considering the "Parts"-"Views" architecture to our client application but as we also need a server solution to use the same "Parts" i wonder if its doable.





    Tuesday, July 24, 2007 5:56 AM



    Hi Liron,


    Acropolis is targeted at building client applications so it would be difficult to use it on the server for web applications. Web applications are quite different to client applications - on the web, the 'view' is essentially separated from the (server side) business logic when it is sent to the browser. Acropolis parts are not designed for this scenario and assume that the view and the business logic are connected.


    We did spend some time considering this scenario but it turns out that the architecture is so different it would be too cumbersome to use. You could consider using ASP.NET Web Parts to achieve some of the same benefits of Acropolis parts, or to factor your business logic into components that could be used in both locations (though with different UI).






    Tuesday, July 31, 2007 2:03 AM