Access denied until reboot RRS feed

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  • We developed a Windows service (Server 2008 R2) that connect to Exchange via POP3. We have tried both SSL and plain text connections. The application works fine for a time. Then all of a sudden it gets Access Denied when it tries to establish the connection. We restarted the service and several other things, but the only thing that clears the condition is if the machine running the service is rebooted. It then begins to work again form some time. We have not documented the exact span of time where it works, not tied it to anything else. The time frame "seems" to be about 30 days, but that is just a guess.

    What is going on? The credentials are valid because rebooting causes it to work again with the same credentials. Since stopping and restarting the service would clear anything that might have gotten corrupted in the service itself, that would not be the source of the problem.

    Any help explaining this would be appreciated. This application is destined to become a commercial product, and this is not acceptable behavior.


    Monday, February 15, 2016 7:18 PM