Help (relationship) between tables


  • Good morning,
    Would greatly appreciate it if you can help me ...
    I have three tables:
    1 customers;
    1 batch type 001 or 002 and so on;
    1 Computer.
    This computer will be evaluated on 30 types of stages of analysis that are in a specific table and these phases of each computer must also be related to the computer to be recorded as well.
    All three tables are loaded with data as well as the phase table
    What I wish  is to make a selection of each item and popular in a table entry, that is, this table will control all entrances to every computer within a batch for each client.
    How can I do this without any duplication of data in the input table? How would the relationship be and I have got to use Join to enter in the entrance table?
    Again I thank a lot to help ...
    Friday, October 11, 2013 3:57 PM

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