UWP Development in Visual Studio for Mac


  • I watched the keynote for Connect()2016 and was excited to see that the rumors on VS is coming to Mac were true. I downloaded it as soon as I could and began poking around in it. Afterwards Scott Guthrie did a Q&A and one of the questions concerned me. He said that Microsoft was not going to bring UWP to the Mac. My question is why? He basically stated (and I could be wrong on this, but since Channel 9 hasn't posted the video for me to re-watch, I can't be sure) that it didn't make sense to have UWP on Macs. 

    A little later I watched a Q&A with Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza where Nat said that they would be adding features based on the requests of the users. I might be reading a little too much into this but I believe that he means UWP could be added later on. 

    The reason this concerns me is that I am learning Unity 3D and would like to stay in my Mac workflow. I am comfortable in it, I feel secure and work much faster on a Mac (in spite of it's gaming limitations), but I want to develop for as many platforms as possible  - hence why I chose to learn Unity versus SpritKit and SceneKit. While I understand that certain aspects of VS are only going to work on Windows PCs, I have been holding on to hope that eventually there would be some way to develop for Xbox One, Windows, PS4, Android, as well as macOS and iOS. 

    Admittedly, I am somewhat new to development so this may be nothing more than a fantasy, but having spent months looking for answers but I haven't found anything that gives a good explanation. I've poured through forums and online documentation but nothing. Are there some resources that can answer this out there? Even a neon sign on Microsofts' website "NOPE" or "SUCKS TO BE YOU" would at least tell me to give this up and move on.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2016 11:43 PM

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