Window update wiped out my project. RRS feed

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  • Last night, Windows update shut down my computer without notice, warning, or anything. Nothing. I'm a patent illustrator working on a massive project  due in two days. I put 16 solid hours in, confident in all my software, charged battery, setup, ice-maker, everything but never ever thought my computer would shut down because of an update. I lost all my work. All of it - gone. Something in the update disabled my software from creating a .bak (back-up) file, a built-in utility if say there is no battery and the power cable gets yanked out. Well, I lost more than my work, I lost sleep as I still have not slept trying to redo all of this, had to cancel my Dr. appointment, missed taking my children to a b-day party and have now thrown up twice from the stress. I figure I'm out a few thousand dollars, at least. Seriously. To whom do I direct my address as I would like compensation.

    What idiot built into the system a reboot without a warning? That person needs to be fired.

    Friday, July 13, 2012 3:18 AM