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  • hi team,

               I need to query active directory for showing  reports. I use directory services and linq to AD to query , but some for the query i am not able to get it and following are listed reports . 

    Can i know from where i can get query for fetching these details.

    1. User Reports

    • User Accounts that Never Expires.
    • Expired User Accounts.
    • Soon-to-Expire User Passwords
    • User Accounts Password that cannot be Changed
    • Last Logon Failed User Account.

    2. computer Reports

    • Windows Workstation
    • Computer Accounts by OU
    • Windows Servers
    • Member Servers
    • Domain Controllers

    3. Group Reports

    • Groups by OU
    • Nested Groups
    • Groups with Maximum Members

    4. OU Reports

    • OUs with Child Details
    • OUs without Children
    • Nested OUs

    5. Domain Reports

    • Active Directory Sites
    • Group Policy Creator Owners
    • Groups In "Users" Container
    • Groups In "Builtin" Container

    6. GPO Reports

    • GPOs by OUs
    • GPOs Linked To OUs
    • GPOs Linked To Domains
    • GPOs Linked To Sites
    • Block Inheritance enabled OUs
    • Block Inheritance enabled Domains
    • Enforced GPOs
    • User Settings Enabled GPOs
    • Unused GPOs
    • GPOs with Most Modified User Settings
    • GPOs with Most Modified Computer Settings
    • GPOs with Most Modified User & Computer Settings

    C# Developer

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 6:54 AM