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  • I want to write code that recognizes when the user plugs a digital camera into his computer (presumably via a USB port) and then offers to transfer all the photos to a folder on the computer optionally deleting the originals from the camera.

    I've been reading the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) documentation and have a few questions.


    1. The documentation says that WIA 1.0 is for XP and earlier and 2.0 is for Vista.  I can understand 2.0 code not working on XP, but does 1.0 code not work on Vista?  If true, it seems like a gratuitous backwards-compatibility issue.  Ideally, I want to write one piece of code that works on both.


    2. The documentation for WIA Device Type Specifiers states that the specifier StiDeviceTypeDigitalCamera "is not supported by Windows Vista."  So then how is one supposed to write code that responds only when a digital camera is connected?  I don't want my code to do anything if a scanner is connected.




    - Paul

    Friday, September 12, 2008 12:53 AM


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