Best practices for a Microsoft SQL server with HPE's Smartcache?

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  • Hello everyone,

    In this post I would like to ask if anyone had ever used HPE's Smartcache in combination with a SQL server and how their experience is with it, I'd also like to know the smart array setup if possible, and will be listing a setup I am asking myself about for a while now.

    The RAID setup I had in mind is as follows:

    A HPE SmartCache consisting of Two SAS SSD's of 400GB in Raid 10

    Two SAS HDD's in RAID 10 for Data

    Two SAS HDD's in RAID 10 for the logs

    Two SAS HDD's in RAID 10 for a TempDB

    These three raid configurations for Microsoft SQL servers I have seen plenty posts, discussions and whatnot about, but I have found very little on combining it with a HPE Smartcache as I have listed above, and I was wondering.. how good is it?

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  • I would probably prefer to ditch the SmartCache and just present the two SSDs to the server and put TempDb and perhaps Buffer Pool Extensions there.  SQL Server knows much better than the controller how and where to cache data, and what data is required for a recovery.

    If this is truly a standalone server, and if you won't be using AlwaysOn Availability Groups in case of a failure, and if you are unwilling to go to restore from a backup in case of a server failure, then you should either not use write caching on the SmartCache, or alternatively put the Data and Log files together on a single volume.  

    While it's technically possible to retrieve the caching controller and rebuild the config exactly in a recovery, it's complicated and risky.  So you want a guarantee that your databases will be recoverable from with just the disks.  And even if it guarantees write ordering, it degrades the RPO as you risk loosing whatever data is on the controller and not the disks.


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