Is file lock being misinterpreted by netmon RRS feed

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  • I have been struggling with trying to save a disk image from a Win10 machine to a workgroup NAS. The save fails while the win10 machine is locking byte ranges and receives a "Lock not granted error. What I just recently noticed is that netmon seems to be displaying an inconsistency in lock offsets. Looking at the pic below I am displaying Frame 839. In the details section you can see that the client is requesting a lock at offset 4294967292 of length 1. But below that it shows that the offset is 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFC  (a big number). The server responds with an ok but my question is is the lock at 0xFFFFFFFC or 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFC ? Is this a netmon display issue or am I missing something?
    Friday, February 5, 2016 3:02 PM