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  • Hi All,

    I am having any issue regarding the topic title. I have had a look around but not got a satisfactoy answer to the issue, maybe its the way im doing the data transfer.

    I have a webservice, lets say WebService1 that is returning data using getXML:

    Dataset.dataSetName = "Messages"
    DataSet.Tables(0).TableName = "InnerMessage"
    Return DataSet.getXML (Being returned as a string from the WebMethod)

    All the above works fine, all data is good, no issues.

    I have generated an XSD (XMLScheme) file, all looks good, no issues here.

    I have created a seperate application and added a webreference to my above webservice.

    I have created a sub to call a function (GetMessages) within this WebService. All is fine.

    I have added my XSD to my new application so i can create a strongly typed object: Code below

    Dim str as string
    dim ws as new InstanceOfWebService
    Dim msg as new Messages (My XSD)
    Dim tblObj as new Messages.TabledataTable (Represenst the Strongly name dataTable class)

    str = ws.GetMessages


    'Both of the above calls give me the URI Too long error.

    I have looked at Textreaders and streamreaders within my webservice but the calling application is expecting a type string when sending across the xml.
    So either i'm trying to send the string (ds.getXML, which i understand is a serialised dataset) incorrectly.

    Because im unsure of the caling app what would be the best way to serialise the dataset/xml so the calling app can deseralise it without issues. (also the ws is in the calling app is c#)

    Hope this is enough information

    Thanks in advance

    Sorry, just releasied that this may not be in the correct place, but my main  issue is with caling GetXML on a dataset and the resulting string.
    Friday, December 11, 2009 1:46 PM


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