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    This is more specifically with SQL Server Reporting Services, however I also see this as typical .Net application issue as well.

    Here is the problem. We are using SSRS to report data from Oracle database. From day 1 our users are complaining that they get errors like ORA-2396: Exceeded maximum idle time, ORA-01012-Not logged on etc.

    We have included DBAs, app developers, network engineer, but so far we could not find any better clue to that.

    Recently while perform some research, I have observed that many people have documented one "known" issue with .Net connectivity to oracle. As they mention, if we are using connection pooling, there is a possibility that even un-useful connection might be available in the pool. On next request, this connection might get used and at that point the error will be thrown. As confirmed by our DBA, our oracle instance is set to kill the connection if it's idle for X minutes.

    Here are the links which has the aforesaid mention http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8xx3tyca(v=VS.90).aspx


    There are couple of more as well. However I do not get a very confirmed statement anywhere stating that yes, this is an issue with current (latest versions of .Net and oracle etc).

    On solution part, they mention that we shall be using "Validate Connection=true" attribute as part of connection string. But if I try to use that, it says "Key word not supported - validate connection". ( I have also tried Validcon)

    Questions I have are these 1. Is it confirmed that this "dirty" read from connection pool problem exists? 2. If so, what are the solutions? 3. If not, what could be causing the issues at our end.

    If you need more information, feel free to comment.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011 11:49 AM