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  • Hi to all,

    i already have a fairly big application that trackes clients, services, orders etc etc,

    imagine something like a small ERP.

    I have built this (C#) app by using pure code.
    There is no datasets or other form of designer-things like that. I call stored procedure
    (we are using Sql Server), fetch the results, populate listview grids with the returned
    datareaders and so no.

    When i need to update, i use the ID of a hidden listview column and i pass that, along

    with other field information, to an edit stored procedure that does the work, all by using code (SqlConnections, SqlCommands and the like)

    I decided, for many reasons, to change the whole design and use something more modern and
    something that will make my life easier on the future, mainly in the sense of maintenance.
    Alas, the designers of dataset/Linq-to-Sql etc, are indeed saving a lot of time...

    So, i started building a sample with Linq-to-Sql last summer and i quickly realized that
    although i liked it so much, Microsoft didn't so apparently and they burried it.
    They say now that the "recommended" way to build the data layer is their (new) Entity Framework.

    I tried EF but i hit on so many walls (and so did many other as i have found out) that i decided to try using it again when the new VS/.net framework is here and these problem will be solved.

    I now play with Linq-to-Dataset these days and i find it really compelling.

    So my question is this ?

    Is the Linq-to-Dataset a viable option to use for DAL for the future ? I mean, by using datasets, is this something that i can reply upon to build this specific app and all future ones or is this deprecated now that EF is out ?

    Thanks a lot for any enlightment on this!
    Friday, March 6, 2009 10:06 AM


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