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  • I'm using MOSS 2007. I have a doc library (BuyerFeedback) that accepts Excel Workbooks. The first workflow checks to make sure the creator has submitted a valid xlsx file, and then either sets up a task or sends the creator an error email then deletes the item.

    The task item triggers an outside program using Sharepoint Web Services running periodically. The outside program (in C#) sees the new task item, and processes the workbook (as input to an Access application). It records any errors in a multi-line text field ("Errors") in the task item, and changes the status to either "Processed" or "Processed With Errors". Since the status is changed, it never touches that item again.

    I planned a second workflow triggered by the creation of the task item to watch for a status of "Processed" or "Processed With Errors", then send an email to the creator with the status of the workbook. I also want to make sure nothing is wrong, so I want to know when the task item has been sitting too long, and send a warning to the sysadmin telling him the C# process must not be running....

    This second workflow is befuddling me (I am new at this....) It can "wait" for a due date, or it can "wait" for a change of status. I can't figure out how to make it wait for (one or the other....) I don't think I can have two workflows "waiting" agains the same list item at the same time, either.

    So what's the strategy? I'm guessing it's simple. It's always that way....

    Thanks in advance!

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