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  • I am trying to deliver a maintenance release of an earlier certified "NDIS" based device driver.
    The last driver for this device was Windows certified using WLK 1.6 for Windows 7 as an "Initial_NDIS_UnClassified" driver type (through the WLK 1.6 and the Unclassified signature program)

    For this new maintenance release, there is a minor change in the code, hence the driver binary(.sys file) will be updated and needs to be Windows re-certified.

    (1) Can i still use the "WLK  1.6" to re-run only the standard required tests as an "NDIS_UnClassified" device and submit for Certification to Microsoft(as done earlier).

    If i use the the latest WHCK 2.1, the controller(gatherer) automatically detects this device(connected to test client) as an "HSPA NETWORK ADAPTER" and the all the logo tests(NDISTest) including the "NDISTest 6.0" and "NDISTest 6.5" are being loaded.
    Both the NDISTest's contain the "NDISTest - [Machine 2]" test cases(that require support/client machine setup), which are not relevant to our case.
    (2) If at all we have to use only the WHCK 2.1, is there a way, we could submit for certification, without the need of executing these logo test cases (NDISTest)?

    As this is only maintenance release, we would just want to keep this driver as NDIS-Unclassified as before( pass the standard Unclassified tests and apply for Microsoft certification without the need of running the NDIS Logo test)

    (3) Also, can WLK 1.6 and HCK 2.0 installations co-exist on the same Server?



    Wednesday, July 9, 2014 5:26 PM

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  • Hi Abhayms,

    1) WLK 1.6 is still valid for certifying drivers upto Windows server 2008R2\ Win7 OS. HCK 2.1 supports from Windows Server 2008R2/Win 7 till latest OSes. So, Win 7 is mutual between both versions of kit. You can use either of kit for Win 7.

    2) If you are going to use HCK 2.1, you have to complete all test cases or if you are submitting partially submission, then you need Manual Errata for remaining test cases which are not applicable for your device , for this you have to contact SYSDEV.

    3) you can't  install both kits on same server. you have to use one kit only on a server.



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    Thursday, July 10, 2014 3:36 AM