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  • We are currently in need of a system for storing calculations in a SQL Server database.  We are looking to find a framework or engine, or at least a good starting point.  Are there products on the market to help with this, or perhaps can someone share a similar experience and solution?

    To make a simple example, say I store the number of customers at a gas station chain.  Each gas station belongs to one of four regions.  I want to run a report for the regions for each quarter of the past year.  However, halfway through this quarter, the regions changed.  Also, three stations were added, while two others were closed down.  I still need to be able to run accurate historical reports, so I need to, in essence, save the state of the database, or at least be able to retrieve its state, from any given point in time.

    This is a fairly simplistic example, as in reality, some of our endpoints will need to be modified (e.x. multiplied by some constant or negated).  We are not looking for a full solution, just some food for thought as a starting point.

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  • Please povide sample data + CREATE /INSERT command+ an epxected result. Moreover , state what version you are using?
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