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  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a way of analysing the performance of an application in a way that is independent of other things running on the machine. 

    Background information:  I'm running a .NET/C# application with a button and a grid.  When the button is clicked, it fetches and processes a fixed amount of data and presents the data in a grid.

    Here is my test script:

    1. Run Windows Performance Recorder,

    2. Click Application button to start data fetch

    3. Wait for grid to populate, stop WPR and save file

    4. Analyse results in WPA.

    Here are my 2 scenarios:

    1. Run Application with nothing else running

    2 Run Application when another CPU intensive task is running (e.g. playing a video or copying a large file)

    I'm looking for a CPU-related metric for the Application which computes as the same in both scenarios.  I had been hoping to use the 'Weight (in view) (ms)' from the 'CPU Usage (Sampled)' graph but it varies by ~12% in the two scenarios above. 

    Any ideas?

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