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  • Whenever I set NTFS folder permissions using the ICACLS command (running DOS as an administrator), users face access issues even though it shows that they have access (when I check using the “Effective Permissions” tab). When I set theexact same permissions using the GUI, users do not face any problem.

    Here is the command I use: "icacls "E:\Exida\NMD" /grant:r "SIDCEXLPD01\Exida NMD":(OI)(CI)(X,RD,RA,REA,WD,AD,WA,WEA,RC)"

    Can you help me understand why permissions do not get set when I try to do so with ICACLS? I have a multi-level folder structure with about 100 folders, so it is REALLY painful for me to use the GUI to set permissions.


    Wednesday, August 7, 2013 11:25 AM